What Your Gift Can Do

We invite you to partner with us, as we impact the lives of Africa's future leaders. Invest Tax-diductible donations to ensure that bright, driven students from Mathare slums and poor communities in Kenya access top-quality education, discipleship and leadership training!

When you give to OneLife Africa, you choose where your donation will go. We are committed to the most rigorous financial standards. Every penny that is donated is viewed as God’s money, and we’ve always sought His direction in how we manage it. When necessary, we will even terminate a project (and have done so!) if there is not the same standard of financial accountability.

Below is a description of the various funds in which you can give to. We encourage you to respond to the Lord’s blessings to you as you discern how to steward your gifts!

Student Scholarships: These funds go directly towards school fees and discipleship camp fees for students in the OneLife Africa Program. Learn more about how to sponsor a student by clicking here.

Student Life Center: These funds go directly towards the construction of the Student Life Center for the developing gap year program of OneLife Africa.
Unrestricted: These funds are unrestricted in the allocation of their use. Bridge Ministries and OneLife Africa collaborate to determine where funds are needed most and allocate these unrestricted donations towards the needs of the ministries.

Short-Term Missionaries: These funds go directly towards supporting short term missionaries assisting on the grounds of Kenya for OneLife Africa.