Current Sponsors

On behalf of OneLife Africa and Bridge Ministries, we thank you for your continued support and sponsorship of our students so that they continue in their studies, be challenged by the Word of God, and grow into Christ-following leaders of Kenya. Your sponsorship is making a difference in not only the individual lives of these students, but also for the nation of Kenya!

You will have the opportunity to write a letter to your student once per year in the month of March. Your Regional Donor Relations Coordinator will communicate with you during this month with more information about how this process will unfold. Additionally, you may reach out to your Regional Donor Relations Coordinator with any questions you may have about your student or the ministry as a whole.

To contact one of our Regional Donor Relations Coordinators, please click on one of the links below.



Western Region Donor Relations Coordinator

Karen Hartman

Northeast Region Donor Relations Coordinator

Linda Tunnicliffe



Mid-Atlantic Region (PA) Donor Relations Coordinator

Laura Debruin

Southwest Region Donor Relations Coordinator

Courtney McFee

Amanda Pic     

Mid-Atlantic Region (MD/DC/VA) Donor Relations Coordinator

Amanda Hughes