What Your Sponsorship Means

You can make a huge difference in the life of a student by sponsoring them for the four years of their high school education. Your financial support provides funds for the student's living needs, education, mentoring, youth camps, and leadership development. Learn more about how to sponsor a student by clicking here

Once your donation is received and processed, you will be matched with a student to sponsor. You will receive a student profile with background information regarding your student as well as his or her picture. Additionally, you will receive letters from your student, and you will be invited to write a letter back to your student once per year. We pray your relationship with your student is a blessing to you as much as it is to them!

Below is a list of our programs your sponsorship will support for a student:


  • Education Scholarships

    Education Scholarships

    OneLife Africa scholarship program seeks to transform the lives of academically talented young people from Mathare slums and other low resourced communities in Kenya. We develop servant leaders, through education, mentoring and Community Service. We believe that these young people are well positioned to design and implement solutions to challenges facing their communities. Since High school education in Kenya is fee based, many of the bright students from needy families struggle financially to stay in school, those enrolled in our program would have had no education future due to lack of school fees to allow them take their places in top national boarding school they qualified for. OneLife Africa offers financial support to academically talented boys and girls, allowing them access the highest quality boarding high school education available in Kenya. We target potential leaders who have established a track record of service to others, are highly recomeneded by a community leader, are committed to learning and leading change in their communities. To ensure financial sustainability, we only offer a new scholarship after we have secured 100% of the funds needed to support the students high school education. We invite you to consider investing financially in the lives of the next generation of leaders enrolled in our program. Donate Today!
  • Youth Mentoring

    Youth Mentoring

    Rural-Urban migration, high population and berakdown of family units in Kenya have led to poverty and present new challenges to a culture that values community and personal relationship. The last survey of UN Habitat of 2006 found out that approximately 72% of urban populations in Africa still lived in slums and informal settlements. Due to death of parents and lack of job opportunities, most children and youth in Mathare slums and other parts of Kenya today struggle to not only survive but also to provide for their siblings. Many of these young people are determined to better their lives and the lives of their siblings. However, the conditions in which they operate present them with enormous challenges. Despite overwhelming temptations to succumb to realities of slum life, which includes gangs, drugs and prostitution, few young people commit their lives to Christ, succeed in their academic endeavors and show tremendous leadership potential. The situation calls for innovative and comprehensive strategies to engage equip and encourage the growing number of disadvantaged children and youth. Because of our commitment of developing well-rounded individuals, all the children who qualify for our high school education scholarship are enrolled in the mentoring program. OneLife Africa is committed to walking alongside these disenfranchised young people by providing them a safe and healing environment to grow, learn and lead. We offer quarterly mentoring activities and encourage young people to form one-on-one transformational relationships with experienced and trusted mentors to encourage spiritual and personal maturity.
  • Impact Youth Camps

    Impact Youth Camps

    OneLife Africa organizes three one week holiday impact camps in April, August and December for all students enrolled in the program. This is a time of relationship building, evaluation of student’s academic progress, engaging in fun and community service activities. The camps keeps the students focused, refreshed and better prepared to face the challenges in their schools and community. Holiday impact camps are designed to create a foundation of Christ-centered believes, values and skills in the lives of high school students. Students are challenged to know Christ, equipped and encouraged to actively participate in ministry by living and serving God in every aspect of their lives.
  • Leadership Development

    Leadership Development

    OneLife Africa Leadership Development program equips young people from Mathare slums and other marginalized communities. We believe that young people especially those from poor backgrounds are well positioned to design solutions to problems facing their communities. OneLife Africa leadership program is a six month residential leadership training for high school graduates. The program incoporates a formal academic carriculum, hands on training and community service projects. Today in Kenya, when a high school student graduates and qualifies for university education, there is a wait before starting their studies. This is a challenging time for most students who find it difficult to find anything to occupy themselves with but are eager to gain skills to help them in their life transition and college studies. The reality is that most of these students end up sitting idle in their homes, surrounded by negative influences in their slums and village communities, we believe that the ‘gap year’ is an ideal time for intensive leadership development and life skills training. OneLife Africa fellows live in an intentional residential community where they grow in their faith and learn practical life skills necessary to succeed in Life. The holistic curriculum develops a well-rounded student who is lovingly mentored, and practically applies what they learn each week in a supervised cross-cultural community service. The program is designed to instill discipline, model integrity, encourage accountability and promote reconciliation. Young people enrolled in this program are challenged, inspired and equipped to design and implement innovative programs that offer solutions to the problems facing African Commununities.