Our Story

OneLife Africa was Born out of the Following Beliefs:

  • Faithful followers of Jesus Christ seek opportunities to sacrificially make a difference in other people’s lives.
  • Everyone is created and loved by God, deserves to be treated with dignity regardless of their life circumstances.
  • As we invest in the lives of young people in Africa today, we trust that God will heal family relationships, tribes and communities. The impact of our service extends beyond time and financial support we invest today.

Purpose statement:

Onelife Africa mentorship program makes a lifelong impact on the lives of young people through mentoring programs, life skills training and support which allows each one of them to develop into their full potential by achieving academic success, breaking the cycle of poverty and leading transformed lives.

Vision: Young people leading lives transformed by Jesus Christ; shaping their African communities and institutions.

Mission: We exist to provide education scholarships to bright but needy students, mentor them through life decisions and equip them to serve in their communities.

Main Objective:
OneLife Africa exists to identify  and equip young people through mentorship, education, entrepreneurship and community service - Encouraging them to learn, grow and lead in Jesus name.

Specific Objectives:

  1.    Provide education scholarships to bright but needy students.  
  2.     Mentor young people to maturity.
  3.     Develop social entrepreneurship ventures.
  4.     Promote peace, reconciliation and community service.
  5.    Equip young people for cross-cultural Christian service.



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