A Day in the Life of an LEAD Student

A Day in the Life of an LEAD Student

OneLife Africa Leadership, Evangelism and Discipleship Program (LEAD) is a three months residential program for the high school graduates, the program creates a healing environment that encourages students to live together in community, learn from a dedicated team of mentors and lead in Jesus name!

The Program comprises of several courses that the students learn across the three months, these courses includes, Biblical Life Management (BLM), The Book of Roman, Evangelism, Research Skills, Critical Thinking, Public Speaking and Computer Studies. These courses are spread across the week and most of them are taught on a daily basis, below is description of a day in life of OneLife Africa LEAD Program student.

Daily life means the activities that we do every day, therefore, during the LEAD Program, we follow strict routine and schedules, in accordance to the mission and the vision of this program, the day of a LEAD Program student breaks at dawn, 6:00am in the morning, other students breaks the day earlier especially those students who are on the kitchen duty, to make sure that the breakfast is prepared in time, two students are assigned kitchen duty every day, making sure that all the kitchen duties for that day is strictly done and time is well managed.

The other students wakes up for a morning run and in door exercises to prepare their mind and body for the day, this takes about 45minutes, and the students goes back to freshen up. At about 7:15am, the students take their breakfast, the breakfast runs for 45minutes, this time also allow the students that are on kitchen duty to clean the cups and any utensils used during breakfast.

After the breakfast, the students have their morning devotion, this is a participatory session and each study is assigned a day to lead a devotion, the devotion runs for 45minutes or sometimes even an hour depending on how interactive the session could be, after the devotion, the students have a fifteen minutes break.

At 9 O’clock, the first class of the day starts. The Evangelism class runs for an hour thirty minutes, after which the students have a break for another thirty minutes. The second class of the day starts at exactly 11am, the students goes for computer studies class, this class runs for two hours every day.

At about 1PM, the students’ breaks for lunch, which takes an hour, and in the afternoon at around 2PM, the students’ settles for the Biblical Life Management class or Study of the Book of Romans, these two courses are taught by Andrew, and he can always alternate them. The class takes about two hours daily.

At 4PM, students breaks for the manual work, for example general compound and room cleanups and any other task that is a priority. The manual work is done on a daily basis across the week, except on Thursdays, the student attend fellowship at Rafiki AIC for two hours.

After the manual work, we break for games and evening exercise at 5PM, the games runs for about an hour after which the students can go back to their rooms to freshen up, two hours before dinner, the students usually have free time to rest, during this time also, the students have time for doing assignments and consultations. At about 8PM, dinner is served and the students have their dinner for an hour.

So far, we only have two activities for the night, Movie and Worship night, these two activities are alternated across the week, the two activities runs for two hours, and then we have a word prayer as we break for sleep at 10PM.

Weekends is a bit different, on Saturday, in the morning we have devotions, then the students have Research Skills, Critical Thinking, Public Speaking class, from 9am to 1pm, this is the only class that is done only on Saturdays, after which the students have their lunch and breaks to do personal cleanup, washing their clothes.

On Sunday, we attend church Service at Rafiki A.I.C, the student usually prefers the first session that means we go to church very early at 8am to catch up with the first session. At noon, the students are back from church and can have lunch and rest for the rest of the day as we prepare to welcome another week!